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We develop in cooperation with professionals good care courses using laser technology. This allows us to make simple home treatment, possibly under the supervision of one of our affiliated specialists.



A very common side effect of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in cancer patients is oral mucositis. This side effect often begins with redness and swelling in the mouth, tongue and throat as a result of inflammatory mucosa. This inflammation can then lead to painful ulcers, thick tough saliva, bleeding gums and / or burning sensation.

As a result, swallowing, eating, drinking and talking is complicated or even no longer. During a continuous therapy, symptoms may return to increasing and increasing, which may lead to interruption or termination of the desired therapy.

Various studies show that about 60% of the cancer patients are affected by oral mucositis. In patients with head cancer, this percentage is significantly higher.

Oral mucositis is a very serious side effect and therefore not a contributory factor. Just when the body has to recover is good eating and drinking of vital importance. Oral mucositis is often referred to as a heavy impact on the quality of life and is also an update to provide good care from that perspective.


A fungal gel (also called lime / onychococcal nail) is a nail infected with a fungus or a yeast. This causes changes to the nail plate. In the beginning, the nail edges may discolor yellow, brown or green. There are also small spots on the nail. If this is not treated, the entire nail turns yellow or even brown. The nail becomes fragile and pieces can break down.

The fungus slowly pushes the nail up and slowly "breaks" the nail, this process can be painful and eventually lead to the release of the nail. Most funnels are on the feet, but at the fingers you can create funnels. An infection can spread easily, so timely treatment is a must.

The effects of fungal nails are that in an advanced stage the nails can become painful and bother when walking. In addition, it is a disgusting disorder that quickly leads to shame.


The mellinn32 is a well-chosen class II medical device. It is a handy device that can be used at home for prevention and treatment of mouth and nose disorders.

The technique of the mellinn32 is based on the ability of laser rays to restore tissue at the cellular level through so-called bio-stimulation. The consequence is almost immediate nickname, while the inflammation cures faster and the complaints disappear.

Speciaal voor specialisten

Erasmus MC-Sophia works with mellinn650

With the mellinn650, Erasmus MC-Sophia in Rotterdam's children's hospital has gained one of the first positive experiences in the treatment of a cancer patient with oral mucositis.
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