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A very common side effect of chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer patients is oral mucositis. This side effect often begins with redness and swelling in the mouth, on the tongue in the neck as a result of inflamed mucosa. This inflammation can then lead to painful ulcers, thick viscous saliva, bleeding gums and / or a burning sensation.

Consequently, swallowing, eating, drinking and talking is difficult or even go anymore. During an ongoing therapy, the symptoms may return in each case and, increasingly, which may lead to interruption or termination of the therapy desired.

Several studies show that about 60% of cancer patients receive with Oral Mucositis. In patients with head halskander this percentage is much higher.

Oral mucositis is a severe side effect and thus especially no afterthought. Just when the body needs to recover is to eat well and drink vital. Oral Mucositis is often appointed as severe impact on quality of life and is also from this perspective an update to spend on care.


A fungal nail (also known as lime nail / onychmocose nail) is a nail which has been infected with a fungus or a yeast. As a result, develop changes to the nail plate. In the beginning, can discolor the nail edges yellow, brown or green. It also creates tiny spots on the nail. If this is not treated color the entire nail to yellowish white or brown. The nail becomes brittle and can break off pieces.

Fungal nail pushes slowly and "breaks" the nail slowly, this process can be painful and lead to the release of the whole nail. Most fungal nails sit at the feet but also can cause onychomycosis with the fingers. An infection can easily spread, timely treatment is a must.

The impact of onychomycosis are in an advanced stage, the nails can be painful and cause trouble when walking. It is also a call unsightly thing quickly leads to feelings of shame.

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Erasmus MC-Sophia works with Mellinn650

The mellinn650 in Rotterdam Erasmus MC-Sophia Children's Hospital one of the first positive experiences in treating a cancer patient with oral mucositis.
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